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NFDI4Earth addresses digital needs of Earth System Sciences. Earth System scientists cooperate in international and interdisciplinary networks with the overarching aim to understand the functioning and interactions within the Earth system and address the multiple challenges of global change. NFDI4Earth is a community-driven process providing researchers with FAIR, coherent, and open access to all relevant Earth System data, to innovative research data management and data science methods.

The ambition of the NFDI4Earth is to further identify the demands for digital changes in the German Earth System Science community to establish a set of common principles, rules and standards for research data management in Earth System Science as well as experimental prototype platforms, operating on distributed resources, and to provide tools and mechanisms for data integration and analysis in a structured community consultation process.

Education and training

Our mission is to prepare Earth System Science (ESS) researchers and enthusiasts to conduct open and sustainable research leveraging NFDI4Earth services. We develop and publish openly licensed modular educational content, curricula, and services – for trainers and learners, online and in-person. We also collaborate with researchers willing to share their knowledge with the rest of the community through collecting educational material and funding novel educational ideas. All developed courses, NFDI4Earth service tutorials, and educational material will be available via the OneStop4All.

NFDI4Earth Academy

The NFDI4Earth Academy is a network of early career scientists interested in bridging Earth System and Data Sciences beyond institutional borders. The research networks Geo.X, Geoverbund ABC/J, and DAM offer an open science and learning environment covering specialized training courses and collaborations within the NFDI4Earth consortium with access to all NFDI4Earth innovations and services. Academy fellows advance their research projects by exploring and integrating new methods and connecting with like-minded scientists in an agile, bottom-up, and peer-mentored community. We support young scientists in developing skills and mindset for open and data-driven science across disciplinary boundaries.

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