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Liebe Kiesel,

wir freuen uns, den Call zur ersten NFDI4Earth Academy Kohorte an euch weiter geben zu können. Das Angebot richtet sich an PhD-Kandidaten und PostDocs an der Schnittstelle zwischen Erdsystemwissenschaften und Data Sciences.

Bei Rückfragen meldet euch gerne bei Effi Drews unter e [dot] drews [at] fz-juelich [dot] de!

Join the NFDI4Earth Academy – Your training network to bridge Earth System and Data Science!

Do you already work – or do you want to work at the interface of Earth System and Data Science?

Are you interested in interdisciplinary research and wish to network with other early career scientists for this purpose?

Are you a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher at a German university or non-university research institution?


The NFDI4Earth Academy is a network of early career scientists interested in bridging Earth System and Data Sciences beyond institutional borders. We offer an open science and learning environment covering specialized training courses and collaborations within the NFDI4Earth consortium with access to all NFDI4Earth innovations and services. Academy fellows advance their research projects by exploring and integrating new methods and connecting with like-minded scientists in an agile, bottom-up, and peer-mentored community. We support young scientists in developing skills and mindset for open and data-driven science across disciplinary boundaries. 

Stay tuned and apply!

More information and the application are available on our website:

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